How Your Membership Works: Store Credits & Payment Plans

Store Credits

Your store credits are what you use to order food in our farm box program. Once your account is set up, you will have access to 100% of your store credits for the entire season: 20-week seasons for Seasonal Members, two 24-week seasons per year for Perennial (year-round) members.

You can always find your store credits in the shopping cart icon in the top right corner once you are logged in.

  • You can order as little or as much as you like each week. Your store credits are available to use at your own pace *until the service ends*. You’ll be able to see your store credit balance each week when you log in to order on the website. 
  • Your store credits are automatically calculated in the online store and are only charged for the food you order. 
    • Example: You have $700 credits and order $50 worth of food. Your store credit balance automatically gets deducted by $50 credits, leaving you with $650 credits for future orders. 
  • Each week is completely optional to order and you can skip any week, but please remember that store credits expire when the service ends. Unused credits at the end of the season are not refunded, wholly or partially, or rolled over into future seasons.

Payment Plans

If you signed up for a weekly or monthly payment plan, you paid a 5% down payment when you joined. Your payment plan began at the beginning of December and continues each week/month throughout the winter until your membership is paid up.

If you paid in full before the service began, your account is already paid up for the whole season and no further payments will be charged (so this section doesn't apply to you).

Payment plan basics:

  • Payments are charged in equal amounts on an automatic schedule every pay period (week or month) until your membership’s payment plan is paid in full.

  • There are 18 weekly payments or 4 monthly payments.
  • Payment plans are a completely separate system from your store credits: 
    • Payment plans are paid automatically in equal payments each pay period regardless of how much you order. This pays for your farm box membership.
    • Your store credits in the online store are used separately to keep track of how much you have ordered and how many credits you have remaining.