Our First Winter Local Food Box CSA

Join by Monday, November 30 to save 10% on your membership.

What Is A CSA?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. A CSA program builds a direct relationship between you and your farmers.

For 20 weeks beginning December 11, each member — that's you! — will receive weekly boxes of the freshest, most nutrient-dense food from our farm and other small-scale, regenerative, Island farmers and food producers.

We offer three sizes to meet every household's needs: a Family Share, Full Share, and Small Share.

Join today to to save 10%! Offer ends November 30.


Benefits of Our CSA

Our CSA is not like others. We've designed our CSA to suit almost anyone's lifestyle so eating local food is an awesome experience. Every share comes with the following.

First, we're a multi-farm CSA, so even in the middle of PEI's winter season, you get an amazing variety of food that can literally meet all of your dietary needs, from veggies and greens to meat, dairy, baked goods, and more.

Order from our online menu and your food is harvested and prepared by your own team of local producers within days or even hours of you receiving it. That means better taste and optimal nutrition.

By comparison, the food in box stores is often harvested unripe and sits in warehouses and trucks for weeks before it finally arrives on a store shelf.

We've made our CSA flexible and customizable so you choose what you get each week.
 You get to use your membership at your own pace and order as much or as little as you like, so it suits your family's needs and cuts down on food waste.

Choose from any of our multiple pickup options or weekly home delivery to fit your personal schedule. Going on vacation? No problem. Enjoy the freedom to skip any week at no charge. 


What You Get

It can be hard to find fresh and local greens and veggies in PEI for healthy eating in the winter. With our CSA, even in winter’s coldest months, you can eat fresh, delicious, and locally grown organic food!

You get to customize your orders from our weekly local food menu, such as fresh herbs, organic bread, carrots, meat, lettuce mix, free range eggs, cucumbers, cheese, tomatoes, flour, jam, microgreens, fair trade coffee and much more from your local farmers and food producers.

For example, in a Family Share Local Food Box CSA, you could order

  • a bag of lettuce mix
  • a 2 lb. bag of carrots
  • a pound of fair trade coffee
  • a pint of grape tomatoes
  • a dozen free range eggs
  • a cucumber
  • sour cream
  • and a loaf of fresh-baked bread

And in a Small Share for one person, you could order:

  • a bag of lettuce mix
  • a 2 lb. bag of carrots
  • a pound of fair trade coffee
  • a pint of grape tomatoes

Every week's menu offers all this and much more. The choice is up to you!


What You Can Look Forward To

Taste the difference that local food makes.

By choosing locally grown food, you ensure that you are eating the best tasting food possible and being environmentally responsible at the same time. You get sustainably grown food that tastes the way it's meant to.

As a CSA member, you are our farm's top priority. If we only have a limited amount of a special item this winter, you're our preferred customer so you get first dibs before any of our other customers from restaurants to farmers' markets.


Grown With Our Environment In Mind

Our carefully selected varieties and organic growing practices bring out the very best in flavour and nutrition. Produce is harvested when it is ripe, just before you receive it. Members can enjoy peace of mind knowing that everything is grown with our shared environment in mind. We never use chemicals, synthetic pesticides, or herbicides on any of our crops.

We send out newsletters throughout the season, filled with updates, recipes, and stories from the farm. Members can also look forward to exclusive CSA farm tours and opportunities to volunteer and learn about how their food is grown. We want our members to have a true understanding of our farm and how their food is grown. We are growing for you!

Our CSA members are a crucial part of making what we do possible. Become a part of the local food movement today!